The Development Software

The Software I’m going to be using to develop Dragonspawn is all a matter of personal preference, I’m going to be sticking with what I know well. If you think some piece of software that I’m using is wrong then feel free to go ahead and leave a comment down on some other blog.

The first thing is the Game Engine itself, now I could go and write something from scratch which could be a lot of fun, but for this project I’m going to stick with Unity, I use it for work and have been using it for like a decade now so I know it inside and out. Essentially my plan is to write all of the core systems for Dragonspawn on top of Unity which is there primarily to do all the complex shit like rendering and physics. In terms of Programming Language, I’ll be sticking with C# and not a lot else, I might integrate some of Microsoft’s Gaming APIs like XInput at some point, but I’ll worry about that when it becomes pertinent.

Next thing is the image editing software I’ll be using, which will be Adobe Photoshop CC. I know there’s free alternatives like Gimp, but Photoshop is the one I know so it’s the one I’ll be using.

For 3D Modeling I’ll be renewing my Maya LT license once I need it which won’t be until the game’s core systems are functional. Again, yes, Blender is a free alternative but Maya is just better. There. I said it. Are you happy now?

Last of all is Audio editing software, and I’ll be using a top notch freebie for this one, that being Audacity. I’m not much of an audio guy so it suits my needs, let’s me record, manipulate, and mix sounds, simple.

So currently I’m further into writing the core systems than this blog might suggest, but I’m sure this is eventually going to catch up to where I’m actually at with things.

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