Image Effects, UI, and Weapons!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted to give it some time so that I had some actual stuff to talk about (Image Effects and UI aren’t very interesting on their own). There’s been a number of components and systems that I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks, the first of those being some simple Post-Processing Effects. Some of the effects likely won’t get utilized on their own but I have been wanting to compile a small library of effects to have as a reference for building more complex effects at a later stage.

The next system that I started building was the framework for handling UI, it’s currently functioning but until I get to doing some actual UI design it’s mostly just a bunch of rogue buttons and text elements for the HUD.

Additionally I’ve also started work on Weapons and Projectiles which are arguably the second most important thing after player movement in a first person shooter. I’m probably trying too hard to make the Projectiles as versatile as possible, but I want to have the option as a designer to make any kind of Projectile be it a missile, grenade or even just a simple hitscan and have them all just work regardless of whether it’s fired by the Player, an enemy Actor or from something in the environment, so for that keeping it largely decoupled from other systems is also important.

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